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As many years partnership to our clients, we are helping out to design, manufacture, even distribute or retailing major brands includes the industrial level semiconductor ic components storage related materials, or even production line accessory products. We also partnering directly with leading manufacturers, and our key emphasis is to provide top-notch solutions to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Regarding the semiconductor IC and storage related item, we have wild range of versatile compact offers to serve every sector for some of our special client background from mobile devices, working station manufacturing, recording and medical devices, industrialization, surveillance system, vending machine, Automotive (CIMA) &ADAS, drone or dash camera…etc. different field and industry We are 100% focused on developing products and solutions that can be customized to support various industry performance requirements for our customer base worldwide. For a reliable and solid partnership, we always delivers premium quality to ensure customer’s satisfaction. Dellwa utilize digital marketing as well for supporting global clients to gain more business in sole territory which also make us to gain high admirations from our clients and business partners. Any enquiries from global wholesalers, distributors, or if you need any OEM/ODM requirement or related products plz welcome to contact. We are here to expect ourselves to
Dellwa partnering directly with leading manufacturers, the factory conform international standards with bright/light/clean, and with enthusiasm workers. In order to meet the individual needs of our customers, we’re sure continually expanding our knowledge and production services for
Dellwa won the “Special Award” of 1st edition of Alibaba Taiwan BEST TOP 10 supplier. Afterwards, Dellwa been nominated and invited to provide long term support to other Taiwan enterprises about Int’l branding and exporting consultant. Taiwan is an Island base area, and we are not only being the digital pioneer and transformation carrier.