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Issues when creating facial mask sheets

The first problem is the question of customers regarding the unit price. Again, one cannot answer without knowing the following characteristics that directly affect the cost. It includes fees for Essence + mask sheet + aluminum packaging + carton box and packaging design. While the quality of essence affects the cost, the amount of essence in the range of 23ml to 30ml per mask sheet also counts. Another important factor is the quality of the mask sheet itself, whose cost may vary from US$0.10 to US$2.00! Finally, the printing features on the individual alluminium packaging will affect the final unit price.

Marketing concern in facial mask sheet

First of all, it’s important to know that the facial mask business is probably the most competitive in the entire skincare industry. Hence, the temptation for low prices is great. However, the only way to obtain a low unit price is to downgrade the quality or produce very large quantities of over 100,000pcs! 

In conclusion, given all these considerations, it is critical for the customer to know exactly the potential of their targeted market segment before placing an order. 

Specific problems Encountered when creating facial mask sheet(图1)