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Why both hydration and water retention are essential for your skin?

Hydration consists of filling the skin cuticle with moisture while water retention consists of keeping water in the cuticle for some time.

With the temperature variations between seasons or simply day and night, the water and sebum naturally found in the epidermis evaporate. This loss of natural skin protection results in increased skin sensitivity towards environmental aggression.

When this problem occurs, if you use a skin care product that only moisturizes your skin it will not be enough as the fluid will evaporate quickly from your skin. 

Therefore, it is essential to use a hydration product that, unlike many face moisturizers on the market, contains a fair amount of essence oil in addition to moisturizing water.

That’s all the more true if your skin is dry and cracked.

According to a dermatology survey, over half of the women worldwide suffer from dry skin problems. If not properly prevented and/or treated, the skin may develop allergies, irritation and problems may worsen and become chronic.

But in most cases skin problems are not the result of allergies. Instead, they come from 2 types of factors: internally and externally. Internal factors include diet, stress and lack of sleep. While external factors have to do with air quality and dryness, changes in temperature and radiance of the sun and lighting.

To conclude, it is wise to avoid dry skin, or to treat it if you already have it, with a quality skin care product that contains the proper amount of essential oil for its water retention property. It is also recommended to use a face moisturizer that also contains a calming or antistress agent like Neurophroline TM  for example.

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